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We offer private, group and professional sessions and workshops as well as women's and family circles, couples sessions and breathwork retreats.

Private Breathwork Sessions

9D Breathwork

Individual & Group Sessions

Private and group breathwork sessions are available either in the comfort of your own home, at a studio location, or amidst the breathtaking landscapes of our property on the Scenic Rim, QLD

Explore themed sessions aligned with your goals and challenges as you embark on a journey toward holistic wellbeing.​

Individual, group, events, retreats, family healing sessions, and couples retreats are available.

Group Breathwork Sessions

9D Breathwork

Professional Sessions

Empower your team with our expert-guided breathwork sessions designed to rediscover potential and unlock abundance within each individual.


Whether your team is grappling with mental blocks, feeling overwhelmed, or seeking clarity and peak performance for their next project, our sessions offer the perfect solution.

Clear away old habits and pave the way for new growth, ensuring your team is ready to tackle challenges with renewed focus and vitality.

Womens Circles

Connection Circles

Womens & Family Circles

Our connection circles are a nurturing space of connection, empowerment, and growth. Embrace sisterhood or strengthen family bonds as we gather in a supportive environment to share stories, wisdom, and intentions.

Through meditation, ritual, and meaningful dialogue, cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and community.


Welcome home to your soul tribe. Perfect for a women's event including bridal showers and special events.

Custom Packages

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Womens Circles Breathwork
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