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Become a facilitator

Become a catalyst for change in the wellness industry as a 9D Breathwork Facilitator. Join a dynamic community of facilitators and breath coaches who are revolutionizing the field. With flexible hours, boundless earning potential, and unwavering community support, your path to success is illuminated. Schedule a call with our dedicated 9D sales team below to embark on your transformative journey.

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Join the 30-day breathwork challenge

Discover the transformative potential of breathwork with the Breath Masters 30-Day Challenge.


This highly acclaimed masterclass is tailored to coaches, wellness professionals, yoga instructors, & personal trainers, and athletes looking at adding to their toolbox.  


Elevate your wellness or coaching business by harnessing the power of Breathwork .

What's included:

  • Instant 24/7, LIFETIME ACCESS to all the course materials


  • A full library of high-definition training videos


  • A 90-minute reset transformational breathwork journey


  • Practices ranging from 5 min to 25 min each containing

    technique, instructions, and on-screen timer


  • Access to our private, interactive community


  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Our favourite reads

While not solely focused on breathwork, these books are instrumental in exploring the mind-body connection, understanding trauma, guiding toward contentment, and fostering body regulation.

The myth of normal book
The Vagus nerve reset book
Breath book
The body keeps the score book
The boy who was raised as a dog book
What happened to you book
Seven and a half lessons about the brain book
Nonviolent communication book
Fairplay Book
Four Thousand Weeks Book
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